WHO/Uganda’s SRL Opened.

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Above: Vice President Edward Sekandi (centre) poses with the Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng (3rd right), State Minister for Health -
PHC Dr. Joyce Moriku Kaducu (3rd left), Presidency Minister (Kampala) Hon. Beti Kamya (2nd row 3rd left), US Ambassador Deborah
Malac (2nd row 4th left), World Bank Group representative Dr. Peter Okwero (top row 5th right), PS MOH Dr. Diana Atwine (2nd left), Ag.
DGHS Prof. Anthony Mbonye (2nd row 1st left), Head CPHL Mr. Steven Aisu (2nd right), NTRL Director Prof. Moses Joloba (1st right), EAPHLN
Co-ordinator Dr. Alex Opio (top row 2nd left) and other dignitaries at the commissioning ceremony of the SRL on 17th November, 2016.

As a part of the infrastructural investments made by the World Bank through the East Africa Public Health Laboratory Networking Project, a brand new state-of-the-art laboratory was constructed at a cost of US$ 3 million and commissioned in November 2016 by President Yoweri Museveni. In addition, critical equipment, supplies and training is being provided to operationalize the laboratory services at its new home in Butabika, a centralized location for specialized testing which is suitably located away from the central business district. “Virtually all high TB burden countries in Africa need to improve case detection, strengthen diagnosis and ensure prompt treatment,” says Miriam Schneidman, Lead Health Specialist and Team Leader for the EAPHLN Project. The regional approach inherent in the EAPHLN Project is critical to effective disease control efforts, as the flow of people in the East African Community is expanding rapidly and collective action is critical.

The NTRL has additionally received a US$6 million grant from the Global Fund which will aid the operationalization of its SRL services within the region. These milestone achievements are a major step towards eliminating TB in Uganda and neighboring countries.

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