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How The New NTRL/SRL will look on completion:
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The National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory/Supranational Reference Laboratory (situated in Kampala next to the MOH headquarters-see map above) is Uganda’s TB Reference Laboratory. It now also doubles as a Supranational TB Reference Laboratory for Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Zambia, Somalia and South Sudan. It is one of the partners in the National Health Policy of Uganda aiming toward; “the attainment of a good standard of health by all people in Uganda, in order to promote a healthy and productive life”.
Several other policies regarding different aspects of the health system address a number of issues intended to improve health thus:

Equitable, quality, affordable and responsive health services
Competently trained, appropriately deployed, motivated and well-supervised health workers.
Adequately maintained, equipped and well-managed health facilities including the laboratories
Well-defined institutional framework with a clear definition of roles and responsibilities, a functional system of accountability and a monitoring and evaluation system to identify needs, shortfalls, and plan for improvements.
Compliant with this policy, the National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory under the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme (NTLP) of the Ministry of Health is responsible for delivery of specialized quality services. The Director of the NTRL is responsible for developing and executing the quality policy of the NTRL. Continue – Read More.

NTRL/SRL Vision:
Tuberculosis and leprosy diseases are controlled until they are no longer a public health problem in Uganda and Africa.

To provide quality laboratory services and to strengthen the national tuberculosis laboratory diagnostic network through leadership and expert guidance in support of the national tuberculosis and leprosy control program to reduce the burden of tuberculosis and leprosy in Uganda and Africa.

Core Values:
We are committed to delivering quality work, to be professional, competent, knowledgeable, responsible and accountable;
We perform our work guided by ethical values, honesty, integrity, punctuality, and standards;
Important in our work is our relationship with our country, the community and each other as we value respect, trust, cooperation, loyalty, helping and caring for each other, friendship, pleasure and feeling secure;
Furthermore, we value freedom, decidedness, creativity and having an independent mean of living. We all share the responsibility to fulfil our mission and to fulfil our customer’s needs and expectations.

August 2015 Update from Butabika site showing NTRL progress:

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