Mulago RR Hospital Lab

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Mulago National Referral Hospital, commonly known as Mulago Hospital, is a hospital in Uganda.

The hospital is located on Mulago Hill in the northern part of the city of Kampala. It sits adjacent to and to the immediate west of Makerere University College of Health Sciences. Further west of the hospital, across Katanga Slum, lies the main campus of Makerere University, founded in 1924, the oldest university in Uganda.

It is the largest hospital in Uganda. It is the teaching hospital of Makerere University College of Health Sciences, the oldest medical college in Uganda, established in 1924. It is also one of the three National Referral Hospitals in the country, the other two being Butabika National Referral Hospital and Mbarara National Referral Hospital. The hospital offers services in most medical and surgical sub-specialties, in addition to dentistry, emergency medicine, pediatrics and intensive care.

Mulago was founded in 1917 by Albert Ruskin Cook. The current facility was completed in 1962. The hospital has an estimated 1,500 beds and an annual budget of 5 billion Uganda shillings (approximately US$2.7 million) in (2007).